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  The Horns of 
The Man with the 
Blue Hat

Addune: Part I. The Vampire's Game 

Addune: Part II.
The House of Cards




Black Adagio


  About the author   


Wendy Potocki lives and writes in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, she writes in the genre of horror. She feels creating good horror is an art form. She religiously devotes herself to pursuing it over hill and dale –  and in the crevices of her keyboard.
Named one of the Top Ten "New" Horror Authors by Horror Novel Reviews, she has six self-published novels. Her most recent THRILL will be published on February 14th. Her next planned projects are ZaSo, All the Women Are Witches, and The Virgin. Please subscribe to her mailing list for updates and giveaway information.
In her spare time, she loves to go for long walks, drink Starbuck's Apple Chai Lattes, make devotional offerings to her cat named Persephone and be stilled by the grace, beauty and magic of ballet.

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